Monday, 6 February 2017

Waikowhai Park

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On Monday we went to Waikowhai Playround, in Hillsborough. There is a very long shiny slide that we played on, there is also a flying fox on the other side. Me and my bothers climbed up the step ladder and went down the super long slide. I went back up and went down the slide again, I had so much fun going down the long shiny slide, it was so hot i was sweating and had to stop for a rest. We stopped into McDonalds to have frozen blue lemonade drinks and a chocolate waffle. After we went to Harvey Normans to look for a touch screen computer and printer for my dad and mums business, it cost alot of money! So we went to Warehouse Stationery and my dad brought me a book to write in and some ink for our printer.

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