Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Creative Writing

Walt: write using humour.
thirteen year ago there was two boys name Benjamin and Freedom and they were the last ones to survive on earth. After the aliens destroyed our plant of life earth and killed everyone when it was happening [the attack] Benjamin and Freedom went to there secret lab Benjamin and Freedom there parents only know about it. There they were safe and the aliens could not catch them because they were to underground. This is how it all started when they were just kids.

One day at school Freedom and Benjamin where playing on the park, having fun and playing ball tiggy around the school when suddenly they saw a person walking like a drunk ugly guy. Then they saw two children drop to the ground and foam was coming out of there mouth. We looked at it properly and it was a alien then we said”RUN RUN RUN RUN" They looked and there they were and they where running pretty fast , Freedom and Benjamin were super fast because they were the fastest in year 6. As everyone was running they tripped and a strange lady came and saved them and when a alien came to try eat them she hit them with a bat and took us somewhere safe.

It has been four days now , guess what we were in the shop but under it. That way we have food and water and drinks to survive on. That was the good thing. Bad thing is that  Freedom thinks about no one alive besides them and there is no service, but they still have to load up and get heaps of food and drinks and try to get service and head out to search for survivors. As we were walking we saw no alien and nobody in any houses or bushes.”we have walked miles now”said Benjamin , Julius said”look there's a gun shop maybe we can get weapons to protect ourselves”. ”Good thinking Julius”said the lady. They got there and there were heaps of weapons , so they grabbed the whole lot for them and the survive that come.


“Do you think the zombies are gone”said Freedom“no” said Benjamin”that lady just disappeared out of nowhere she must be still be alive””LOOK””what”AAAAAAAA “Alien””get your weapon out “check chuck”Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew  Pew Pew Pew”there is to much said Benjamin, LET'S RRRUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!”. Look a a big tower we run to it”they were so high that the aliens can’t get them.

5 years Julius and Benjamin just turn 25 years old

Julius and Benjamin went the tower they saw a pet it was a dog it was a husky they tamed it and fead it and called him Jj he even killed zombies he was even hurt on the side of his leg he got a big cut lucky they got bandages to strap his leg.

Task Description: Writing humour and hooking you reading person into my writing. making my story funny and cool.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

What Were They Thinking?

Walt: understand the text from the perspectives of the characters
Task Description: Today we had to try think of what they were thinking and using perspectives of the characters. 

Monday, 3 September 2018

Heathlty Eating Advice

Walt: understand the text from the perspectives of the characters

Task Description: Healthy eating fruits and veges. helping other people understand want it means and hocking them into it.  

Up The Guts

Walt: understand the text from the perspectives of the characters
Task Description: Rugby League up the guts. running up the guts and playing a a other team and winning.