Monday, 6 February 2017

The Blues Vs The Hurricanes

On Saturday my mum took me to the blues free event. We took a photo with Jerome Kaino, we got to play some games and activities. The first game was throwing the ball through the rugby hoops to each other. If you get the ball through the rugby hoop you got to win a prize my brother Lorenzo got a prize and he choose a kfc bottle. My brothers played tag and they won another prize and it was a drink bottle and Malakai won kfc speakers. I did a tackling activity where you had drive the pads back to the line do a push up and tackle the rugby bag, I had fun. We stayed to watch the game Blues Vs the Hurricanes. My mum brought some hot dogs and drinks while we waited for the game to start, it took long because there were heaps of people ordering. The Hurricanes won the game.
At the end of the game we left and got free potatoes. There were heaps of people who went to the middle of the field to take photos and get autographs from the players. On the way home we stopped into McDonald and got a Chocolate waffle and Frozen drink.

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  1. How lucky were you to meet a real All Black, Ben! The different games and activities before the actual rugby game sound like they were a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing this with us on your blog.