Monday, 14 December 2015

Cool weekend away with my family

In the weekend I went to the Paihia Pine lodge. I went for a swim in the big pool with my brothers, it was fun. We had a BBQ after our cold swim. On Saturday, Me and my family went to Keri Keri town center and then we went to the market.We went to Action world in Paihia, there was heaps of stuff we could play on. One of my favorite activities was the Jousting bridge where you had to hit the other person off with a balloon hammer until one person falls off the bridge. My other favorite activity was the Extreme slide where we had to climb up the high ladder and then slide down, it was a very high slide for me. When we were going back home we visited Goat island and we went for our last swim, it was fantastic. I enjoyed my time with my family. We had heaps of fun!