Thursday, 30 March 2017

Animation Writing and Voice Over

Maui went out fishing when the sun was out on his waka. Then it turned dark and Maui was still paddling, then morning came and he smelled the air and then he threw his hook into the ocean. Well Maui was waiting then he fell asleep. The ropes started moving then Maui woke up and started pulling the rope. A big stingray came up and it looked like the shape of NZ. If you're kill the fish then you will be killing mother nature you have to keep the creeks clean and the seas and the oceans then people will go fishing because there will be fishes to catch in the ocean.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Problem Solving, Week 7, Term 1,


On Wednesday we had camp at Pt england school. I packed my stuff On Tuesday with my mum I got my big bag I packed all the stuff that was on the list and my mum gave the biscuits to the office so we could have biscuits in the morning and the afternoon. Then next I grabbed my big bag and my mum drove me to school in the car then I went to the hall to put my big bag in the hall when I got in the hall I looked for my teams name and then I found my teams name then I put my bag on the ground next my teams name. Then I went to rooms 6,7,8, classroom then I lined up in my class line then we got told to go to our teams class I went to room 7 to learn our dance.The activities I was doing was free time, killer zone, get lost, kayaking, pools, bombing pool, youth town. When I was kayaking Ash tried to hit me off my boat but he felled off his boat. When I was at the pools I went to play tag with Freedom, Lepa, Harlen, Leo and Awathan. My favourite parts about camp was sleeping because I went to sleep at 10 o'clock and going to mangere pools to play with people and went down the slide and kayaking at the beach it was funny and it was cool I went around the green pole that had a triangle on the top the pole when I was going around the pole with green triangle then I came back then Sky and Devontae crashed into me.

Thank you Mr Burt for making us do camp because there is heaps of activities and they're all are fun to play like going to the pool even mangere pools and doing all kind of activities and my team was called Sheriffs and my leaders were Kurtas and Naomi.

What I learn at camp was to listen and do our dance or we have to go on stage and then we do nothing so we learn our dance more and then dance on the stage without the video on just the song my song was called we don't speak americano it was funny and we want to do all the moves of the movie.