Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Film Festival

On wednesday arriving at school I was excited because it was film festival day. When the two bells ringed we all lined up in a boy line and a girl line. Then we all started to walk to the bus we walk each side to wait for the bus. We went into the bus and sat down but I sat down and I had three people on the chair with me. When we arrived at sylvia park we went walking to the movie to watch our movie that we made so hard. When we were in the movies we all sat down on the chair we were excited and some not excited to watch our movies. Then there was a boy on the screen was talking about the Manaiakalani film festival. When he was finished the movies started and my favourite was room 2 pokemon go I like it because the guy we're looking and they dabbed when they came out and the song I i'm the one. My favorite for the presentation was Aj and Freedom because Freedom said ‘we are family I got all sisters with me’ and when Aj said  “i'm not your sister’.  After we watched it all we went out of the movie and went on the bus again and we went back to Pt England School. When we arrived back at school we all went to the hall and got called our classroom when my class was called we lined up. Then went started to walk to our  the classroom. When we sat down we got told to do comments on the Manaiakalani 2016 film festival movies. When we were commenting there was heaps of comments on room 10 pokemon.

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  1. Hi Benjamin
    Thank you for sharing this recount of the film festival day and your favourite movies. I could tell you class had worked hard on your one. It is gratifying to receive so many comments from other people isn't it?

    Mrs Burt