Friday, 14 October 2016

The mad scientist

There was a crazy man called Mr Jack he lived underground. Mr Jack had a crazy idea he made a grenade gun. Then he went exploding people's houses and people's cars. Then he went back to his underground  laboratory to make more crazy stuff.

Mr Jack made a robot dog out of steel and wheels  it had red eyes and it had sharp claws. The robot dog had sharp teeth to protect the underground laboratory from the cops and the armies.
Mr Jack had another crazy idea he wanted to be the king of the world and make people make him a kingdom.
Once the kingdom was made he told them that they have to buy heaps of stuff for the King Jack.

King Jack asked the people to make him an controller so that he could see where the robot dog will be because the red eyes on the robot dog are a camera to see where the robot dog is going. Then King Jack told his robot dog to protect his kingdom. The cops came and exploded the robot dog that had to protect the kingdom. King Jack got his mine gun and shoot the windows and the doors. The cops called the soldiers to come to try get the King Jack in jail for tailing people to make him stuff and tailing them to get food for him.

When the soldiers arrived the had a big tank to  destroy the bad King jack when the kingdom was broken. Then they went to look for the bad King Jack they found the bad King Jack then they put him in jail for forever.

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