Friday, 28 October 2016

The Bush Walk

Once There was a dragonsnake called Lukus he had a Long taong and It had four eyes and the Dragon Snake had two wings. Then two people went in the forest more afraid They run into the forest and got losted. But The two people were still together then They looked in there bags to get the books to find look what does the dragonsnake looks like They looked at the book. Then They know about the dragonsnake dos. But then they didn't know where is dragonsnake was But Then They heard  noiz they both Said ‘is That the dragonsnake That were looking for’ said both of them Then they followed the the noiz and then the dragonsnake sound got biger and biger. Both of them run and hid behind the the trees scared then they had a little peck and then they they found big fat footprints. Then they looked up and the dragonsnake was up tree upside down Then one of them got their bags and gave the dragonsnake all his food to the eat dragonsnake then the dragonsnake want them to go on his back. Then They went on it and Then the dragonsnake went really fast up into the sky and went  flying super fast.   

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