Thursday, 20 October 2016

Runaway Robot

There was a Robot called Freed he wanted to explored for his first time. He wanted to see the world for his first time when he going to explored at heaps at places. Freed backed all his stuff and then he got the robot stuff and made a new robot called Malakai. Freed made Malakai out of wheels and steel and blue eyes like Freed. Malakai and Freed went explored in the jungle first and when they got there Freed got a gun out of his bag and shoot a tiger then Malakai and Freed grabbed the tiger and took him to a place. Then they mad fire out of sticks and stone. Then Malakai and Freed cooked the tiger and eated it. Freed and Malakai went asleep. Next day  they woke up and and they had the tiger aging from last night when they were finished. They went explored aging then they found a place with robot make house and treehouses. Then they went to the place and Malakai said hello robots then they went into a house that had windows and the house had doors and it had a garden at the back. Freed put all his stuff in his bedroom and when he put his stuff in his bedroom he saw his bed with a blanket and a boliw he went asleep. Malakai he went outside to play with the robot kids then Malakai and the robot kids went to see the treehouse. When they were there they saw a bridge and went over it and there was better houses than the other ones across from the bridge Malakai said ‘by’ To the robot kids. Malakai went to his home and went into his bedroom and went asleep and when they both woke up and then they backed their stuff and then they found a torch then they took it. Freed and Malakai went exploring aging and aging and aging and then Freed and Malakai got lost then they saw their footprint they followed the footprints. Then they were back and the robot place that has robots that make house then they went through the jungle aging and then they hired a noiz then the robot Malakai and Freed looked across then he found his house and he lifted up his mat and he got his keys then they went inside.

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