Friday, 23 December 2016

Water Squirt

Water squirt we got the water guns out then we were wetting each other then we got bored. Then we got the hose and went on the tramp and my mum holed the hose and went me and my brothers we were slipping and doing back-flips and front-flips and we were running around. Then my mum gave the hose to my brother Lorenzo and he was aiming at me and he didn't stop until after he stop. Then he went for my brother Zack then after he aimed for me and Zack. Then we went to go shower and got dressed in warm close.

Touch Day

On sunday I had touch and we were playing against the bears my team was called revelations. We started off I was link the other side was running up three times and then they passed to my side so we can do our move we were learning from training it was called sniper and sintra. Then after I was told to come off and then the other person can have a turn playing touch. When the game was finish we beated them they got zero and my team got four. Then we went to the big and sat on the ground with the other teams then this guy said to us to go on the chairs. We were waiting and watching the rugby on the big white tv when we're watching the rugby the guy was calling the teams to get our medals. My team got silver and the other revelations boy team got gold.because they won more games then us.