Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Ben Planning and writing a recount - template - copy

On Monday first of all Mrs Buchanan told us to be in two partners it was me and SioneK and room nine Writing went to the creek in two lines going to the creek with our partners beside us there. When we were still walking there super quiet and in 2 lines. After we were walking in our lines with of partners and be quiet to when we arrived we sat on the ground. When we were waiting at the creek we were talking that it was smelly and there was heaps of rubbish around there that was so sad of people doing that if I was them I will put my rubbish bin and there was a ball some trees and some birds and a pee-cook. In the end Mrs Buchanan told us to line up with our partner because we were talking too much and then we went to the fence and went back to class and we had line in two lines on the ground when we got to class just out the class and we were been good and never talked we got to  walk in our class quieted and didn't Annoy Any people from room 10 Literacy and then we sat on the ground without talking to anybody and we had to be silent and we went to get of lunch then we went home with bags.

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