Tuesday, 11 April 2017

I'm a bird - Writing Task 2

Creative Writing Task 2: I’m a bird!

Imagine that you are a baby seabird.  It would be different to living in a tree.  Write a story about a baby bird that lives in a nest at the top of a cliff, or in a nest at a beach.
  • Choose words to make your sentences interesting.
  • Highlight 5 words that make your writing sound WOW!
  • Read your writing to make sure it makes sense.
  • Check your sentence punctuation - beginning and end!

Once upon a time there was three blue eggs one of them were moving then it started shaking and then it cracked then the bird started moving and then the baby birds egg went flying off in the sky then it hit the ground and then the other eggs were started to move then the two blue eggs started to shake then the were cracking slowly then the two blue eggs hatched the first bird that got really scared because bird cracked and then full and then the bird nelly fall off the bird nested. Then the mother came and feed them worms then she got them worms to much then the mother told that you guy are get older so you guy to hunt for your food and make a nest to sleep in so the three birds went to hunt for their own food and there learn how to fly and make a big nest for you guys. So they went to explore around learn how to eat  other stuff.

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