Thursday, 22 September 2016

Pick a Path

It was a creepy and stormy nigh Neymar walked slowly toward the house. Fear dragged him nearer and nearer. What was hiding behind those old scary tombstones?

Neymar he went to the old scary tombstones and behind was a cat. Then a ghost come with a knife from the kitchen and threw the knife at Neymar. Then the knife missed him and he went to hide.  The ghost find Neymar behind the chair and then Neymar runes super fast to get out of the house. The boy Neymar he ran back to his house because the ghost threw the knife at him when he was running to his home. the ghost runs after him when Neymar was inside his house already locking the doors from the ghost and locking the windows.

The kid Neymar was safe from the ghost. He had a gun to scare the ghost away to go back to the haunted house old scary stuff.   

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