Friday, 8 July 2016

Te Tuhi Art Centre

Off on an adventure to Te Tuhi art gallery. We went to go walk in the Te Tuhi art gallery.  In Te Tuhi we walked to the corner and sat down then Jeremy came we were listening to Jeremy talking to as then we lined up. He took as to an shape  room when we got in the art room we had to listen to Jeremy we sat down on a chair. Then we grabbed five shapes of 2 to make 10 then we made a dream house out of shapes when we finished making our dream house we glued the shapes then we draw safe in our dream house safe dream house. then he took as back to the place in the beginning. He took as to the art room and talked about people painting blade folded. Then he took as a little room with a big screen a movie of a girl walking Then we walk around out. We followed Jeremy to a different room and had a big screen of a movie of people. We walked back out and went in the bus.

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