Friday, 3 February 2017

All About Me

Fakalofa lahi atu. Welcome to my blog.

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My name is Benjamin but you can call me Ben my teacher this year is MissWest and Mrs Buchanan. I am Niuean, European and Cook Island. I have 3 brothers the oldest is in year 8 and the second oldest is in year 6 and my little brother is in kindergarten. My favourite friends are Freedom, SioneT, SioneK , Josh, Ajf and Jacob. I like to watch youtube, When i get older I want to become a famous youtuber. In the weekend’s I play touch. In our last game for touch we won the final round and we got the silver medal. This year my Goal is to improve in my work, be involved in sports to represent Pt England School.


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  1. I like how you have included some goals for 2017 here, Ben. Which sports teams would you like to join at Pt England? Also, what will you have to learn to be a famous youtuber?